Vision: At Morana, our vision is to extensively analyze Canada’s market; to reduce quality issues and bring service issues down to a minimum. An upgrade to technology and modernization is our goal alongside a strong reach for a lead in wood and forest products.

Mission: Supplying high end quality wood products and satisfying our customers needs alongside exceptional customer service is our ultimate mission.

About us: Distribution of high gloss, super matt MDF wood products, textured melamine, edge-band matching and woodworking adhesives throughout Canada.

History:Morana began its journey in 2004 in the distribution of furniture alongside involvement in the interior design sector with only a 328 Square foot warehouse.

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology and modernity, Morana grew also. Advancing from a 238 square foot space warehouse to a 1650 square foot space, hand in hand with an increase in employees and quality.

Today we house at a 20,000 square foot warehouse with substantial experience, including an abundant group of experienced employees, providing excellent service and distribution of finished wood products and MDF board products in a variety of a 100 colours.

With a great history like Morana’s, we are confident to say that we are proud to be a leading company in quality and high end wood products. Bringing forth for you, only the best service

AF Series MDF Board are anti-fingerprint and stain-resistant. It remains like the first day for many years with its high scratch and abrasion-resistant and provides stylish design to spaces.