The choices for redesigning or decorating a new space are endless. Whatever your design preferences are, starting with the floor and walls is one of the first steps in decorating. Updating your walls creates an instant fresh dynamic in the space and acts as a backdrop for all other furnishings and finishes.

Suppose you’re on a limited time or money budget. In that case, you definitely don’t want to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of introducing hefty wood panels or expensive stone slates to your environment.

Instead, textured melamine Wall panels offer a fantastic decorative finish for any room, including home interiors, retail spaces, and offices. They provide a simple yet long-lasting option for low-cost wall profiles.

Cost efficiency of textured melamine wall panels

Redecorating walls with traditional stone slates, timber, or even concrete is very costly and time-consuming; the costs of materials usually rapidly increase over your budget, and on top of that, you most likely need to pay for installations by a professional.

But textured melamine wall panels are cheaper than all the other traditional wall redecoration methods, making luxurious wall décor available for everyone. In addition, textured melamine wall panels, much like MDF, are made of high-quality engineered wood. But melamine offers more flexibility in design and texture choices compared to MDF.

It’s easy to maintain textured melamine wall panels.

Painted walls, wallpaper, and other textured wall panels may appear to be an appealing alternative to textured melamine wall panels; however, they require consistent maintenance and are highly susceptible to damage. Unlike a painted wall, there is no need to repaint or touch up the finish.

Wall panels are also simple to maintain since their smooth surface makes cleaning more straightforward than other rigidly textured surfaces such as hardwood or stone slates. Furthermore, textured melamine wall panels are antimicrobial and exceedingly hygienic, which is why renovators and property owners use them extensively in kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, and houses. To keep the walls clean, clean them with water and a little detergent.

Durability of textured melamine wall panels

Morana’s wall panels are made of superior-grade high-pressure compact textured melamine and are meant to last. Aside from being resistant to scratches, stains, termites, fire, and water, they may also help protect the structural components of your property from damage and weathering. Although textured melamine wall panels are lightweight, they are solid and durable and will not peel or require polishing. Because of its water resistance, you may also utilize textured melamine wall panels in the kitchen or near washrooms.

Even though almost no maintenance is required, these wall panels have a lengthy lifespan. The panels are designed for heavy usage, making textured melamine wall panels a valuable investment for your property.

Variety of melamine textured wall panels

Interior wall panels come in various styles and are nothing like they used to be. Here at morna, we offer a large selection of high gloss and super matt textured melamine wall panels to meet even the most specific and diversified needs. When looking through the various patterns available for wall paneling, you will see many mirror natural wood grains. Wall paneling that mimics marble, granite, bark, stone, limestone, and other raw materials is also available.

You can even order customized panels with a snakeskin or leather print if you want something slightly more out of the ordinary. Other types of paneling can even support three-dimensional texturing. With such a diverse range of options, you can incorporate numerous styles you adore into your house.

Ease of installation of melamine wall panels

Textured melamine wall panels are simpler, less time-consuming, and easier to install than other wall design options. Furthermore, uninstalling laminate wall panels is simple, allowing you to remove the panels without harming the wall and reinstall them elsewhere.

The textured melamine wall panels installation process leaves no undesired residues such as a visible adhesive line or grout, making the whole installation process simple and helping preserve your walls from any damage. The installation of wall panels may be done quickly and easily by the proper professional. Most wall panel options have a tongue and groove or clip and rail system, which makes installation a breeze. When a building material is simple to install, labor expenses are reduced.

Quality of melamine wall panels

Wood is the most typical material that springs to mind when thinking about wall panels; certainly, wall panels are made of wood, but it is not the only material available. There are many more possibilities accessible now. Textured melamine wall panels are incredibly flexible in design options and are one of the most commonly utilized materials. With this material, you can choose from various patterns, designs, and textures.

Textured melamine wall panels can also have acoustic qualities, making them ideal for soundproofing. For example, you can make soundproof wall panels to increase privacy, reduce outside noises and for artificial ceilings.