If you’re planning any renovation, you could be searching for some storage choices. There are several options available. But, have you ever heard of textured melamine closet systems?

If you’re on a smaller budget, the good news is that you don’t have to settle for low-quality, unappealing alternatives. Melamine board may be the answer if you’re seeking; a low-cost, long-lasting alternative to solid wood that looks excellent.

Different melamine boards are available, including plain solid colour options with high gloss and super matt finishes and a textured option.

What Is Textured Melamine?

Textured Melamine is manufactured by a nitrogen-based chemical and is produced by rapidly heating wood, paper, and glue particles. Melamine, often known as thermally fused laminate, is a common building material for custom closets. The heating procedure used to bind the Melamine to the particleboard is thermally fused.

Textured Melamine is distinguished from other varieties of laminate by its three-dimensional appearance, which frequently resembles genuine wood. However, another alternative that you can use for modern designs is supper matt laminate.

Textured Melamine has been available for quite some time. Still, in the last decade, the design industry has witnessed significant advancements in the quality and availability of a wide range of patterns and colours. Because of its durability and modern appearance, this material is a best-seller.

modern closet with textured melamine

What is the best material to build a custom closet?

Melamine is the most long-lasting material used in custom closets. It is made of organic chemical components much stronger than regular wood and is not hazardous to children or pets. Melamine, while still made of wood, contains more carefully manufactured parts to increase its longevity.

Benefits of Textured Melamine Closet Systems

Price: Textured melamine closet systems are low-cost with various pricing points to fit any budget.

Variety: Textured melamine closet systems offer different types of textured Melamine and simple ones, including wood-grain textures, wavy patterns, and solid colours in a range of hues ranging from black and grey to light wood tones and finishes ranging from high gloss to matt.

You can easily match the colours with the walls or wall profiles.

Durability: Textured melamine closet systems have long lives. Textured Melamine has the benefit of being more durable, resistant to scratching, and resistant to fading from sun exposure.

Cleaning: Cleaning is the main part of maintaining textured melamine closet systems. It is simple to clean and maintain and will not swell when exposed to liquids.

It can, however, be harmed if exposed to extreme temperatures. It requires only a wipe-down with warm soapy water on a microfiber cloth, followed by a glass cleaner that won’t leave any residue.

Easy to work with: different fast adhesive lines work well with textured melamine.

luxurious closet made with textured melamine

Why Choose Textured Melamine Closet Systems?

Textured Melamine is most typically utilized in Modern or Transitional design styles, although there are rustic patterns that may also work well in Scandinavian or Farmhouse-inspired designs. But of course, it all comes down to your personal preference.

Can Textured Melamine Closet Systems Be Painted?

Textured Melamine should not be painted since it is designed as a “one-time finish,” unlike wood, which can be sanded down and re-stained or re-painted. Of course, with the correct paint products, you can paint anything, but selecting a Textured Melamine colour that you’ll be happy with for a long time is ideal.

Are Textured Melamine Closets Any Good?

Melamine is, without a doubt, the most lasting material for a custom closet. Melamine is created from organic chemical components that make it substantially stronger than typical wood, rather than being built by stacking thin wooden layers on top of itself.

Why Textured Melamine Closet Systems Are the Best?

Melamine is one of the most adaptable and trustworthy closet shelving materials you can employ, whether replacing an existing closet or beginning fresh. And since different textured melamine types are available, you have more options.

Is Melamine Shelving in Textured Melamine Closet Systems Good?

The high-quality Melamine is not likely to warp. It is also generally more durable in less-than-ideal environments. Melamine also works well for adjustable shelves. If you plan on moving the shelves in your custom storage unit regularly, Melamine will make it easier.

Do Textured Melamine Closets Add Value to My Home?

The simple answer is yes, textured melamine closet systems may increase the market value of your property while providing a larger return on investment than other upgrades. Adding a custom closet to an empty spare room may transform it into an extra bedroom, raising the property’s value.

Are Textured Melamine Closet Systems Weatherproof?

Textured melamine closet systems are weatherproof, shatterproof, and scratch resistant. Melamine covers less costly wood materials such as MDF or plywood.

Is Melamine a Good Material for Textured Melamine Closets?

Melamine is one of the most durable materials, with excellent moisture, heat, and stains resistance. Melamine will not tear away from the particleboard substrate since the resin-filled paper is irreversibly glued.