Super matt laminate has become a legitimate alternative to a gloss finish. But what precisely is a super matt laminate? In a word, the super matt laminate is the polar opposite of glossy cabinets. A gloss coating reflects light.

Laminates that are super matt, on the other hand, absorb light. This results in a more subdued and modest overall impact. Yet, it remains modern, offering a clean and streamlined aesthetic for any kitchen space.

Super matt and high gloss laminates have a multitude of advantages. For starters, super matt laminate kitchens have better colour constancy than gloss or high gloss finishes. This is because the surface does not reflect light to maintain its distinct tone. What you get is a solid colour basis.

A super matt laminate kitchen will appear smooth and seamless, whatever the angle from which it is seen. In terms of look, a gloss kitchen is significantly more inconsistent.

The smoothness of super matt laminate cabinets gives it a sophisticated and elegant appearance. This modern type of laminate sums up refined elegance and sophisticated style.

cabinets with super matt laminate

Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Super Matt Laminate Kitchen:

As with anything related to kitchens – and interior design in general – it all boils down to choice. Of course, having options is beneficial, but having so many options may be overwhelming.

In the beginning, the only best advice is to be patient and take your time and do your research. Impulsive purchases and being persuaded, whether glossy cabinets or super matt, lured by concept photographs on a webpage or in a leaflet are never advised.

After all, a new kitchen is a significant investment. You don’t want to make any errors here. You don’t want to look back and regret a decision. Remember that you might be stuck in the same kitchen for years.

Super Matt Laminate: The Pros

While we’ve already warned about the perils of getting captivated by a trend, it’s also fair to note that the present trend for super matt laminate has something to offer.

The matt laminate has been around for a while. Still, when interior designers start bragging about how new, trendy, and modern something is – as they did a few years ago – it’s worth paying attention.

Super matt is perfect for modern living and is available in many colours. Styles and tones may be chosen to meet the needs of the majority of kitchen spaces.

We’ve stated it before, but it remains noteworthy: a super matt laminate has a significant benefit over a high gloss kitchen in that the surface of the Kitchen cabinets will not reveal defects, fingerprints, or smudges as quickly.

This is because the light is absorbed rather than reflected on the surface of the cabinets.

This leads to another benefit of a super matt laminate kitchen. Compared to gloss and high gloss, you won’t have to wipe the surfaces as frequently. Furthermore, matt laminate integrates beautifully with different kitchen trends.

Finally, super matt laminate kitchen cabinets are ideal for bigger kitchens and open-plan layouts. Super matt kitchens provide a luxurious vibe without being overwhelming. A high-gloss kitchen might feel a bit too much in a larger area.

modern super matt kitchen cabinets

Super Matt Laminate: The Cons

There’s always the other side to consider. And, indeed, a super matt laminate kitchen does not come without drawbacks. While a super matt laminate may not reveal dirt as clearly as other kitchen layouts, cleaning might be more difficult than cleaning a shiny surface.

Super matt laminate surfaces collect stains, and if not handled carefully, streaks might emerge.

A super matt laminate kitchen is certainly not ideal if you intend to make your kitchen appear larger. If you don’t have much natural light in your kitchen, consider whether super matt laminate is the best for you.

A super matt kitchen is also appealing since it is understated and subtle. Super matt kitchen cabinets might be the ideal choice if you want a kitchen that is as functional as beautiful.

How to Clean a Super Matt Cabinets:

You should follow all of the recommendations by the manufacturer company. The cleaning process for the super matt laminate kitchen is still simple. The cleaning process of matt laminate cabinets is a straightforward four-step procedure.

  1. Fill half the bowl with hot water and very little dishwashing liquid (a few drops will suffice). Stir well.
  2. Soak a clean microfiber towel in the bowl and wipe off the kitchen’s super matt surfaces. Pay special care to the hinges and handles, as these regions are prone to dirt accumulation.
  3. Rinse with a new, clean cloth you soaked previously in warm water.
  4. Finally, wipe away any excess moisture with a fresh dry cloth this time.